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My story is pretty simple. It has always been about connecting with people my entire life. Starting with my strong mom who gave me my sisters, My first soulmates, and leading to my son and daughter. I have been fortunate to have amazing and resilient people in my life who have shared so much love, laughter, and support over the years. It’s only fitting I found yoga which is grounded in connection to self and connection to community. Let’s practice together.

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Bohemian Sisters on a Farm

November 11th-12th

(1 night slumber)

               A partnering with Bohemian sister Jane and Bohemian sister (cousin) Lisa.


Let your inner child out to play! Camp Dewan has all the feels of a old school Girl Scout Camp. This Bohemian Sisters slumber and wellness day will be sure to give you a fun filled 24 hours. You will experience yoga in a barn, get up close and personal with horses and experience the mystical power of change in the presence of horses.


S’mores, laughs, games, and ghost stories around the indoor or outdoor campfire to end your day. You will slumber for the night Girl Scout style, in a semi-private cabin in the woods!


Camp Dewan is a completely renovated, circa 1910 dairy farm occupying 55 acres. The barn and milk house have been converted into a cooking, dining and recreation building and the old machine shed/corn crib is now being used as one of the bunk rooms.


This camp is in Walworth County, in a rural area of Southeastern Wisconsin. Camp Dewan is situated about halfway between the town of East Troy and the city of Burlington, Wisconsin. It is nestled at the very end of Church Road.


There will be plenty of yoga practice in the barn, which has been refinished into a bright and spacious gym! Bohemian sister Jane will guide you with a Saturday morning 60-minute vinyasa flow and end your day with slow flow candlelight practice. A final Sunday morning practice before breakfast will give you the reset you need for your week ahead. Jane always leads practice with her heart wide open, with a focus on connecting the body, mind, and spirit.


Lisa Smetana Wagner is an Equine Assisted Coach and intuitive. She works full-time as a nurse in an Emergency Department and spends all free time with family and fur babies. :) She has two dogs and one horse. With the help of her horse Phoenix, they work together with people to help them discover their full potential and life purpose. Lisa will guide you through a grounding body scan with the horses. You’ll learn how identifying core limiting patterns of behavior can be the beginning of creating powerful life changes. 

Join us!

Much Gratitude!

Jane and Lisa.

Email for more information :)

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