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My story is pretty simple. It has always been about connecting with people my entire life. Starting with my strong mom who gave me my sisters, My first soulmates, and leading to my son and daughter. I have been fortunate to have amazing and resilient people in my life who have shared so much love, laughter, and support over the years. It’s only fitting I found yoga which is grounded in connection to self and connection to community. Let’s practice together.

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Waupaca Yoga/kayak is back!

June 9th-11th- 2 spots open

September 8th-10th- 2 spots open 

These getaways are made possible by the hosts, the Bohemian Sisters. The Bohemian Sisters are three real-life sisters Jenee, Joan and Jane Smetana. We sisters have ancestral roots in Bohemian culture which embrace the free-spirited lifestyle it represents today. As sisters, we share an incredibly close bond tied together with lots of laughter and joy. Some would best describe our trio as soulmates, who are always there to support one another.


Jane founded Bohemian Yoga in 2020 and subsequently the sisters formed Bohemian Sisters Women's Wellness Weekends. Jane leads yoga practice for the group with an emphasis on breath work, mindful meditation and Vinyasa style asana. Jenee’s expertise in the kitchen provides nutritious gourmet meals throughout the weekend. Joan acts as the outdoor activity advisor regardless of time of year for entertainment in the local area.

financial investment 

350.00-400.00 for then entire weekend. food, lodging yoga, kayaking included. 

Reach out for more information and sign up!


 With a knack for curating a one-of-a-kind experience there is much room for creativity and customization with these events. Weddings, ladies’ weekends, family gatherings, etc. BSW3 will come to your space or find accommodations that are sure to create a special meaningful weekend. 

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